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Sahjaza News

We are very excited to announce our first annual Gothic Renfair event July 26-28 news to come. Save the date!

- Secluded Castle on an Island

- Performers, vendors, lectures, rituals 

- Food and wonderful delightful eats

- Craft classes and more

Orginal use of Sahjaza's terminology Sacred Codegas: 

Codega [co-dee-gah] (noun) 

A  profession dating back to the medieval period – someone who walks in  front of you with a lantern lighting your path, especially when the way  before you is unclear. As they walk with you, they offer confidence,  clarity and inspiration as they clear away any deep seeded fears or  demons which may block you along your path. Considered necessary during  times of organizational change or when faced with a personal challenges.


From Goddess Rosemary

Our family and the Pagan/VC and other interconnected family's are filled with diversity.  We all have unique belief systems including what holidays we do and  don't celebrate.
There are a good many varied holidays coming. I ask you, that as we move through them, remember, we are all very different and that difference is what makes us STRONG!!
Blessed Holiday wishes to one and all from the Sahjaza Family our Courts and Lodges. 

Goddess Rosemary


Upcoming Ritual times:

Monthly Dark Moon Ritual will be posted here for Solitary use.


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