Sahjaza Meet up's & Events and Our Monthly Dark Moon Ritual


Sahjaza Family Reunion 2019

We are very excited to announce our first annual Gothic Renfair event July 26-28 news to come. Save the date!

- Secluded Castle on an Island

- Performers, vendors, lectures, rituals 

- Food and wonderful delightful eats

- Craft classes and more

Orginal use of Sahjaza's terminology Sacred Codegas: 

Codega [co-dee-gah] (noun) 

A  profession dating back to the medieval period – someone who walks in  front of you with a lantern lighting your path, especially when the way  before you is unclear. As they walk with you, they offer confidence,  clarity and inspiration as they clear away any deep seeded fears or  demons which may block you along your path. Considered necessary during  times of organizational change or when faced with a personal challenges.


From Goddess Rosemary

Our family and the Pagan/VC and other interconnected family's are filled with diversity.  We all have unique belief systems including what holidays we do and  don't celebrate.
There are a good many varied holidays coming. I ask you, that as we move through them, remember, we are all very different and that difference is what makes us STRONG!!
Blessed Holiday wishes to one and all from the Sahjaza Family our Courts and Lodges. 

Goddess Rosemary


Upcoming Ritual times:

⚘An Easy Color chart for the days of the week⚘

 moon phases: is if your working  is tailored towards receiving or gaining something, perform your spell during a waxing or full moon - conversely, if you wish to rid yourself  of something, perform your spell during the waning moon, followed up for a fresh start with a cord cutting the dark moon phase. New moon brings sprouting to seeds planted.

 MONDAY/WHITE: purification, protection, peace
 TUESDAY/RED: protection, strength, health, passion, courage
 TUESDAY/ORANGE: stimulation, energy
 TUESDAY/GREEN: money, fertility, growth, employment
 WEDNESDAY/PURPLE: power, healing, spirit work, meditation
 THURSDAY/LIGHT BLUE: healing, patience, happiness
 THURSDAY/BROWN: healing animals
 FRIDAY/PINK: love, friendship
 SATURDAY/DARK BLUE: change, psychic ability
 SUNDAY/YELLOW: intellect, attraction, study, divination 

⚘Spring Blessings from the Sahjaza⚘

Blessings to you all near and far.   May you be blessed.   Rising of the sun  Rise Old Serpent of Fire!  Rise Keeper of flames from old times;  Rise Old Guardian from the Mayan winter solstice!  Coming forth shining and flaming;  Come to us! Come to us!  Ignite our hips with astonishing life flowing;  Make us living and able to fulfill our will.  You are the old serpent!  You are the first and sage!  O´Lord of the sun,  Allow us to ride with you through a new day!  Coming forth shining and flaming;  Come to us! Come to us!  Ignite our hips with astonishing life flowing;  Make us living and able to fulfill our will.  Zeph´R! Hail Sahjaza!!  Written by Prince Lord A:. Sahjaza c. 2013 Hail Sahjaza !!!

⚘Dark Moon Ritual will be posted here for Solitary use⚘

⚘Part 1 Cord Cutting⚘

Starting with the Cord Cutting and you will start by your own private meditation and  and just breathing and relaxing
Time now to Cut cords 

Ahi! I cut the cords that bind me  So mote it be!

I release that which ties me to my past to negativity and heartbreak and traumatic experiences

I let go the emotional trauma of what I feel from those who caused me harm or were cruel or heartless with my compassion or friendship or other relationships  I let go of that pain

I release the situational baggage I have been carrying around with me and drop that heavy load into a lake and let the water clean me and make me whole

I look into that lake and see my reflection looking back at me I’m whole I’m not damaged

I look into that lake and see my reflection looking back at me I’m whole I’m not damaged

I look into that lake and see my reflection looking back at me I’m whole I’m not damaged

I cut all cords I see they fall away from me and I feel lighter less heavy my burden is gone

I trace my steps back to the path and find the way to go there is a choice I can take one of two paths

I have free will  I have choices

These are mine to make with pure mind and pure heart

I can do what I will harm none

I can do what I will harm none

I will choose happiness and joy

I can wear black I can live my nightside and still feel and radiate love feel joy have happiness receive good Will from the universe as I am so will I attract

So mote it be

So mote it be

I cut all cords and all cords fall away from me

I cut all cords and all cords fall away from me

So mote it be

Hail Sahjaza and all our relations hail Lore and O’Malley and all our Abbon and all others whom care for us and we thank the universe for this opportunity to radiate blue healing light to all in need

So mote it be!!

Meditate now until the Dark Moon starts Walk that path see the path the lake and shed that baggage

Soon HEOP Liath will join us to lead you in the Dark moon fill yourself with peace as you get ready for the second part of the Dark Moon Ritual

⚘Dark Moon Ritual⚘ 

Welcome to the March 2019 Dark Moon ritual. Please relax and open yourself up to the blessings Dark Moon brings. This Dark Moon is in Pisces, which means you might be feeling more sensitive and insecure than usual. On the bright side, you’re likely very perceptive now, so whatever you’re feeling sensitive about, you’re probably right to feel as you do. However, that doesn't mean you should react until you can do so in the best way possible. This is a strong time for your artistic side, so let loose and create. While you're  being creative, let love shine through. Maybe you have a cause you support. Write a song, draw or paint a picture, or whatever is your talent. Don't allow yourself to wallow in insecurity, pick yourself up by the boot straps. With Pisces being a water sign, this is a good time for cleaning and healing with this element. A nice foot soak while sitting back with your eyes closed works wonders if you can't manage more. Make your bath or shower be meditative. It's too cold to go swimming yet, so be creative. For this month’s meditation, I suggest finding a way to include water. Go inside yourself and find things that are bothering you. As you find each thing, think of how you can solve the issue, then cut it loose. Continue until you feel lightened, like the negativity is gone. As you pour out/let out the water, imagine all of the negativity going with the water.  May you all learn to love yourself as much as you deserve. Much love and Dark Moon blessings.

⚘Sahjaza Academy of Gray Mystics Link below⚘

Little more clear  Rough explanation & Information   

Quarterly requirements for active members of Sahjaza    

Credits for advancement within Sahjaza to be considered an “active member” and to move through the Sahjaza and the designed levels.   

Know most of our Elders with an Elder title took about 10 years to gain High Elder more, life achievements and productivity counted and factored in.  In Sahjaza we actually earn our titles.  

There are two sides we do one is an “active craft” that is you make something the other is literary you write read review debate etc 

So this is one half your requirement for this quarter, it can yes be “life credits” in other words something you do to better your life. 

 Included are classes at the Sahjaza Academy of Gray Mystics.

Goddess Rosemary


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