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Check out our two Official mercerizing Zazzle stores  for our uniquely designed offerings of Official Sahjaza branding for Court offerings and your own collectables.

The Goddess Ankh


The Goddess Rosemary  Ankh  a collaboration of three artists: 

Goddess  Rosemary, The Draconian Prime, &  King Maven Lore. 

The Goddess  Rosemary Ankh was first conceptualized in 2006 and only now has the  magick of 3D technology progressed in a way that this conceptual design only now can be made real. 

Order yours today in a choice of Gleaming  Rhodium or Strong Stainless Steel.

Join the magick! Order yours today.


stainless steel

Dark Moon Ankh


In the year 2006 in Brazil inspiration touched King Primo A :. and his partner Master Alchemist and for 3 days and nights they worked with Ramkht and channeled created the Dark Moon Ankh. 

In 2016 DarkMoon Ankh becomes  an official Sahjaza Ankh, this declarations from Goddess  Rosemary, Matriarch and Founder of this most of 40 years dynasty. 

We  proudly follow honoring a long tradition of many  many wonderful  Artifacts, Ankhs and sigils, handcrafted silver and set with amethyst stone

Divination Pendulums


coming soon

Sahjaza Authors Titles Search for them on Amazon


The Sahjaza Book of Secrets 

Presented by Goddess Rosemary

The Little Gray Book of Magic  Liath Sahjaza

Southern Country Witchcraft - Kindle edition by Liath Sahjaza.

Knights of Sahjaza Ankh


Sahjaza proudly presents  the Knights Ankh.  Created by Danyael Von Ryan  Sahjaza  & Nicholas Hall, 3D Artist bring you this selective run of of which 100% of our profit will be given to specific charities, to help people of our community or other Sahjaza projects. 


Currently we are fundraising for the Gothic Renfair in July.

About Us


Created 1976 Z/n c.

Sahjaza Leadership

Leadership is about inspiration, hard work, hands on, getting results, inspiring  passion for your your project your team your work, and  inspiring others  to share your dream.


About Us


Hail Sahjaza!

My each of you, and all our Kin Abbon and relations find a new experience and higher enlightenment today. 


Family is what is important, this holiday season, remember its the people in your life that are your real gifts. #SahjazaQuotes