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Sahjaza Family Reunion, Monthly & Weekly Rituals:

  • Every other Wednesday: Sahjaza Members Divination, occult studies, magick. Sahjaza embraces both the mystical the occult & science. As well as the Sahjaza Unity Spirituality classes held by notification to all interested Unity supporters.
  • Monthly we hold Cord Cutting & Dark Moon Ritual. Presented High Elder Reverend Priestess Liath Sahjaza, each month fresh inspired original material, its our balancing ritual and our "do over" on line world-wide ritual. Hail Sahjaza!

So we begin!

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So we begin!


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Temple House Sahjaza Events: 

Sahjaza Family Reunion 2019 

Come an join us for three days including a day at a Castle hidden away on a private island! 


Saturday 27 2019 Family Reunion We are very excited to announce our first annual Gothic Renfair event July 26-28  Save the dates from July 26 - July 28. 

* Friday dinner meetup 

* Saturday its a day on a Secluded Island with a Castle. Performers, vendors, lectures, rituals, Catered Food and wonderful delightful eats, craft classes and more. Come, meet the Sahjaza family, enjoy the day at our own private Gothic renaissance festival complete with performances, crafts, metaphysical discussion tarot tea and pendulum readings, vendors published Authors and Sahjaza Celebrities, good food and much more!

More information is available on our website and yes We are still seeking vendors & merchants!

Please feel free to contact us with questions!

* Sunday brunch hosted by the Sahjaza Ohio Court of the Raven 

  • Sahjaza Reunion & Gothic Renfair July 26-28 Tomahawk Wisconsin https://mothercrowjar.wixsite.com/sahjaza

Sahjaza Family Reunion Last weekend May 2020


2020 Family Reunion We are very excited to announce that once again Sahjaza will head to Cape Codd Massachusetts, for a relaxing three days of vacation, ocean air, good food entertainment and local color, walking and hiking, whale watching. We will be staying with an ocean view and recharge and breathe the fresh salt air and walk upon the sand and rocks as we have so many years before this will be Sahjaza Z/n's 7th time presenting this adventure vacation family Reunion. More news to come. Save the date!


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