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Cape Cod Mass Whale watch 2020

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Our gift of our experiences not only to future Sahjaza, but the Community, for years to come.
So we begin!
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Celtic: Water, Spirit, Air, Earth Meditation

Take a moment to visualize yourself in peace. 

About Temple House Sahjaza


Temple House Sahjaza

Turn back time the year is 1976, Goddess Rosemary and small group of six founding members meet up at the  'Holy Smoke Tavern' in the wilds of Washington State Sat around the only round table in this converted Church, and the 'Black Rose Coven', was born.

 This concept of, chosen family, eclectic spirituality, and community, became a reality in June of 1976. 

We are perhaps the longest consecutively running  group of this kind, we have evolved throughout the years, created the concept and coined the term of the use of "house" in our underground community of artistic types. 

Look for our book on Amazon under "Sahjaza Book of Secrets" to learn more about us, search "sahjaza" to find our other offerings. 

Back to our story, as we move through the 80s as Z/n Society, to the mid 90s when we evolved to finally become, as we are today, Temple House Sahjaza. 

We have found our Roots stood tests of time, and follow the path of living with compassion. 

Who are the Sahjaza?

We are an eclectic, all inclusive think tank, art and literary group, a Temple, a House and yes a Family. 

What does 'Sahjaza' mean? 

The Name Sahjaza is Sanskrit, Sahjaza twice-born awakened enlightened, Together Born, duality,  a Term Denoting the fact that the Transcendental Reality and the Empirical Reality are not Truly Separate, but Coexist, or with the Latter, Being an Aspect or Miss-perception of the Former, often Rendered as Spontaneous or Spontaneity, dayside we acknowledge our dayside as the sensory illusion known as the Maiiah and  our nightside nightside as our natural, primal, and magickal subconscious. 

We the Sahjaza seek balance lead by example, walk the road of compassion and always vibrate on a higher level. 

The 'Sahjaza State' is the Natural Condition,  that is, Enlightenment, Realization, Awakening. 

Balance, Unity, Twilight!

So we begin!
Goddess Rosemary
High Priestess & Matriarch, 

Mother of All Sahjaza



About Temple House Sahjaza what do we offer?

We offer a sense of Community eclectic spirituality, we are not a church we are all spiritual beings and are a very real Family, we hold on line workshops, video conferencing our on line forum the Academy of Gray Mystics, community gatherings, Retreats, parties, social functions, meet ups creative crafts magickal exploration.  

Our Sahjaza Courts support  Unity and offer a real sense of local community,  they offer creative endeavors, vending of crafts and products, as well as meet ups and social gatherings, we support our pet charities, and have a variety of rituals including the Dark Moon Ritual. 

We have deeper spiritual Roads and ordeals, on can travel on exploring the three Roads: Ramkht Kitra the Mradu. 

We offer for women, Sahjaza Priestess Path, for men the Order of the Knight of Sahjaza for men, these as all our activities are optional.

The Sahjaza 'Academy of the Gray Mystics' has hands on tools for spanning the gap between 'dayside and nightside' and all that is between, as well as many other interesting instructor guided, curriculum such as Divination, Candle Magick, Garden Witchery Hedgewitch, and others geology,  philosophy and intellectual fields of interest and exploration into the practice and the line between science and the Occult. We are World Wide. 


  •  Sahjaza Family & Friends Reunion to be announced
  • 2020 GODDESS Rosemary magickal tea party and book signing. 


Some of our Offerings & Creations

Sahjaza Shapeways Store: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/temple-house-sahjaza

The  long awaited 'Goddess Rosemary Ankh' has been brought to life! 

A collaboration of three artists: Goddess Rosemary, The Draconian Prime, (Mradu  to Goddess Rosemary, Abbon to Temple House Sahjaza), and King Maven Lore Sahjaza, Sahjaza official Fangmaker, animator DJ and artist. 

Using a dream, architectural drawing, 3D modeling and rendering  the Goddess Rosemary Ankh was first conceptualized in  2006 and only now has the magick of technology progressed in a way that  this conceptual design only now can be made real. Order yours today in a  choice of Gleaming Rhodium Strong Stainless Steel. 

Join the magick! Order yours today.

Gleaming Rhodium:


Amazing Goddess Ankh in stainless steel:


Sahjaza Branding cups, T-shirts and more. Fund raising or some Sahjaza Pride here are some of our official branding offerings.


Order of the Knights of Sahjaza Ankh

Created by Danyael Von Ryan Sahjaza    and Nicholas Hall, 3D Artist, we bring you this  amazing Knights of Sahjaza one of a kind Ankh. Our give back to the community Ankh. Captain Dan's gift to the Sahjaza the Knights this increadibly detailed fron and back unique one of a kind Sahjaza Knights Ankh gives back to the community all the profit to a specific individuals or a cause in the VC or Pagan Community in need. 


Sahjaza original Cup Collection on Zazzle show your Sahjaza Pride: 


Ritual for Peace

In the spirit of peace and compassion we ask you to participate in our Ritual for Peace. #Radiatelove 

Sahjaza Associations


Temple House Sahjaza & Court Events

Sahjaza Monthly & Weekly on Line Rituals:

  • Every other Wednesday: Sahjaza Members hold Divination, occult studies, magick and more. Sahjaza embraces both the mystical the occult and science.
  • Monthly Dark Moon Ritual & Cord Cutting. Presented monthly by High Elder Reverend Priestess Leith Sahjaza, each month fresh inspired original material, its our "do over" on line world wide ritual.

May 2020

Sahjaza Family Reunion 2020

Event Details

May 2020

Sahjaza Family Reunion 2020

Cape Cod Massachusits will be our destination relax with a balcony overlooking the ocean, and three days of relaxation, good food and company, walking and hiking, whale watching. 

Stay tuned for more announcements. 

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Temple House Sahjaza Z/n 1976 c


We are everywhere!

So we begin!